There are plenty more lessons but others are some lessons I wanted to share, as the world keeps turning we just keep learning, we keep moving forward, there are always ups and downs with friendships, and relationships. daily routine, career, love, and finances but there are lessons I have come across and thought I would share.

1) Your Mistakes don’t define who you are

Sometimes when we make mistakes in life or have bad experiences when we overcome those moments, we can hold on to them which can mislead our thoughts, our thoughts can become negative and you can get stuck in feeling sorry for yourself, you can get stuck in giving into that mystery and believing that there’s no coming out of those moments.

This is a lie, just because you made mistakes and had bad experiences doesn’t mean it is the true identity of who you are, your mistakes help make you stronger once you let go of the fear, anxiety, or anger that you're holding on to it.

once you let go of those moments you won’t be blocking yourself from your own blessings and you can feel the release and embrace that great change within yourself, you have a right to have peace with what happened in your past but don’t let it define you.

2) Take your time and don’t rush your purpose

It’s easy to try and rush to get everything you want and lately I am still learning how to take my time in my goals and not rush to reach my purpose in my life. everyone’s timing is different and everyone’s path is different, just because you haven’t reached your goals yet doesn’t mean you're a failure or that you are not successful.

Don’t watch what others are doing and wonder how come you haven’t reached there yet, the reason you haven’t reached there yet is that it’s not your season but that doesn’t mean you won't get there. Don’t want what others want, there is no competition and there is no finish line compared to others because your path is different for a reason, and stay focused on your pathway.

We are all individuals your pathway is meant to be at your pace, in your own time, so take your time, take your sweet time, I am realizing I don’t have to have it all together by 30. Just because I don’t have that car, or own that house, or become a millionaire doesn’t mean I am not exactly where I need to be.

Look forward to the growth, and be thankful in your time because all that you are going through and overcoming is the beauty of your own story and your own chapter in life, nobody is like you, and your journey is meant to be different to everyone else.

Take your time, practice, focus, and enjoy the journey along the way.

3) In everything be thankful

This is so important and something I truly believe in, I may always repeat this when I share my thoughts but there is so much good in being thankful for everything you go through.

On the good days and the bad days, especially those bad days be thankful, even if through those bad days you feel frustrated, confused as to why it’s happening to you, and why does it have to happen now, sometimes these moments have to happen so you can learn from it ad be thankful.

Being thankful helps me recognize how much I have been through and how much growth I learned from those bad days, those bad days helped me see how strong, and how honest I can be with myself in what I had to learn, and what lessons I can take from them.

Being thankful for those who support you no matter what helps remind you why you have those close people in the first place, being thankful for everyday stuff like waking up, your health is good, you are safe in your home, you have peace in your home, your family and friends are safe… ect there is so much to be thankful for and rejoice.

4) Love yourself and Be yourself

Everyday love yourself and be yourself it’s important to not try and be anybody else but yourself and don’t let social media or what the world believes how you should be to love yourself, love yourself authentically every part of who you are good and the bad.

The good of who you are is a great part of the person you want to be, and being thankful for all your good qualities and your likes and dislikes is a reminder of what makes you beautifully unique. Same with your bad flaws, especially when you're trying to let go and change for the better keep loving yourself.

Accepting your past and releasing your truth helps shape the best version of you, being your authentic self is a huge part of your life and don’t let anybody try and change you, don’t try and change for anybody else, don’t compromise who you are for nothing and nobody.

5) Your Mental Health is Important- Always Check how you are feeling

Mental Health is so important especially with all this sudden change in the world, if you feel overwhelmed and your mindset is foggy from the rough times, the days seem longer and your life right now just feels like a lot.

Sometimes when we are low mentally it can mislead our judgment and way of thinking, when this happens to check on how you are feeling, sometimes it's best to write down how you are feeling and find solutions to how you can feel better again.

You can get caught up in that grey dark cloud and it can push away and block all the good things that his happening in your life, if you need to shut down and focus on yourself then make sure you do.

Try to always adjust those changes in your way of living and if you feel drained emotionally and physically then prioritize taking care of yourself first.

Remember the bad vibes don’t have to stay this way, you’re blessed with another day to uplift yourself. Remind yourself what things you can do that keep you happy always check in with yourself and keep your mental health at peace.

6) Ignore the bulls*** , Don’t let anyone’s bulls*** disturb your peace

Seriously don’t let anyone’s bad vibes, insecurities, or bad attitude disturb your peace, this does happen from time to time in our lives. We can come across a season where people can impose their insecurities on you, we can come across people who take out their bulls*** on you and it’s not fair, and trust me you have a right to be upset, you have a right to react because you are human, but don’t let it distract you from your Peace and your Purpose.

Remember when these moments happen sometimes it means you are actually doing really well, and be proud when you walk away from this and have peace, be happy if you notice you are mature and you can humble yourself and not add unnecessary drama in your life.

Trust me it’s best to ignore them or ignore that bad vibe, don’t let it disturb that groove you have in you, keep dancing to the beat of your life, nine times out of ten this has nothing to do with you.

Keep doing you, stay in your Peace and keep moving forward.

7) There’s nothing wrong with needing some help and support

In whatever we go through there is nothing wrong with reaching out for support or asking for help, pride is not a good thing, and watch how your ego can be when you feel you can handle things by yourself.

Not saying you are not capable of doing things by yourself and there is nothing wrong with being independent, however, if there are situations when you have someone there who you know can help you and you trust their ways and you have confidence they can help you, then, by all means, you can get support.

Be thankful if you do have that support even if you don’t need to ask for help because some people are less fortunate than you to even have the help and support they need, be thankful that you can seek support or advice from your loved ones in your trusted circle.

It doesn’t make you weak if you reach out to someone and express things are tough, you need help, even if you just want someone to listen to you, or you just need some encouragement even if you already know the answers sometimes hearing it from someone else who knows you can be good reassurance.

Nothing wrong with wanting support don’t let pride consume you, sometimes that pride and ego can be ugly and make us forget to be humble and we forget we are human and we don’t have to be perfect.

8) Don’t Sacrifice who you are for anything or anybody

I have learned along the way of my life that I will never sacrifice who I am or what I believe in for anybody or anything. There were many times in my life where I compromised what I wanted to make others happy, I used to people please a lot, and forgive very quickly but would trap myself into sacrificing time and time again to make others happy or trying to fit in just because I wanted to make them happy.

I remember the hardest lesson was when I was in my own romantic relationship and this is something I will never do again, if someone truly loves you they wouldn’t ask you to compromise, I should be with someone who will help me find a solution where no one is taking away who I am or asking me to give up anything that makes me apart of who I am.

Seriously when you make these mistakes of giving up something you love or giving up a part of who you are, the situation becomes exhausting emotionally, you lose yourself you become depressed because you miss those parts about yourself.

I will never do this again, I love who I am and I will no longer put others' happiness before myself, the way to move forward now in my life, if there’s something I feel is not helping me better myself or if I feel it's taking my energy I need to try and get rid of this quick time.

9) You might as well continue being you…Because you are awesome

At the end of the day, people are going to judge you sometimes, you are going to have ups and downs, and sometimes bad things happen to good people so you might as well try to live the best of yourself while you’re here.

You might as well keep reaching for your goals and you can always learn and embrace all your experiences, seriously live through those moments and laugh at your own pain, don’t worry about everybody and what they are doing, make each moment count and continue being who you are because you are awesome.

10) Have Faith, Stay Focused, and Don’t Ever Give Up

It’s in the statement, you got to hold onto your faith especially when you are going through those life-changing trials that shape your inner being, keep the faith because truly believe the days get better as life goes on.

Don’t give up and take your time when you are going for those goals you want in life, stay focused and be blessed you have time to stretch out your schedule, and don't put everything in one basket.



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