April The Many Messages I Received

Maybe you have had to acknowledge the elephant in the room, and it was time, to be honest with yourself about that elephant in the room. What I mean to say is the last three months from February to March and now falling into April I had to really check in with myself and analyse my whole attitude towards the situations in my life.

Your change of attitude can give a whole different outcome for you when you manage and check-in with yourself about how you really feel and why you feel it. No, it’s not easy when you are dealing with yourself when you have to talk yourself out of a situation when you have to really take a look in the mirror and say “You know what I need to change my attitude”.

Especially on those tough days when nothing seems to be going right, from your morning to the days when you are just fed up, and you can’t wait to go to bed and hope the next days will be better…yeah those days are the toughest when we have to keep practicing the peace, the patience and the strength in believing despite all the obstacles you have faced today tomorrow will definitely get better.

I know life isn’t meant to be easy and I am aware there are still things to be grateful and thankful for, I know the cost of living going up has put pressure on every single person no matter what status you are, it has affected all of us.

Now we have to really think about where our spare money is going after we have paid for everything, that outing you may want to go on is it worth it? Is it worth your money or time, can you really afford to go? Does that person who invited you out deserve your energy and time, because you know what time you spend is just as important?

How to check-in with yourself

I guess it’s just about checking how you feel today and why how you feel today may be better than how you felt yesterday. What is it that made your day better? was it more sleep? Did you rest more or were busier? How can you apply small tasks that will keep you happy?

What are you eating?

If your trying to keep a healthy balanced diet make a mental note of what you have been eating the last couple of weeks, some foods make you lethargic and some foods boost your energy, there are some foods that you should continue to eat to boost your immune system. Always check in with this.

For example, I need to try and eat more iron, I am trying to find a better alternative of milk that isn’t made from dairy, like almond milk or oat milk, because I want to keep adapting to having a bowl of cereal for breakfast, I am trying to cut down bread but I am finding this very hard.

I am cutting down soda only if I want to have some different weekend, more water added to concentrated juice, more water which has always been hard but still should be practiced, 8 glasses of water I believe it is.



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