April you gave me insight to a lot of things

Well well I know it’s been a long time since I have taken my platform, I think it has been actually been a month since I have written my thoughts on here, to be honest with you Kings and Queens some days felt so busy I did not have time to really reflect and review all my thoughts, there are still thoughts I am still trying to process and figure out however I have some things I can share and give insight to before the month of April finishes.

I was very happy to step into April as March was so busy and so up and down on an emotional and mental level, I felt overwhelmed, emotionally tired, and frustrated with a lot of things during March. While going through April I felt a lot of insight into some situations that were finally dying down from March, I was receiving answers to situations I had to figure out during March, now that I am reaching the end of April a lot of situations I went through had to happen and it all made sense why they had to happen.

Have you ever had that feeling of relief once you recognise the storm is over now and there is finally a rainbow in your view giving you so much hope that all had to happen for a reason, everything you are going through or went through the last couple of months had to happen so you can get to this place? you really feel that feeling and understand it does get better within time.

Don’t expect anything from anybody, Don’t expect people to treat you the same way you treat them

This lesson and insight I was learning and similar situations kept repeating in my life for the last three months, and sometimes there’s a reoccurring lesson that will fall into place in your lifetime and time again until you wake up and finally understand the lesson.

Serious statement and very true facts, do not expect anything from anybody no matter how many times you may have given to them, no matter how many times you can count when you have been there for people. Never put them on a high expectation to treat you the same way you treat them, this never happens what ends up happening is you get disappointed, and you question why do they not give you back?

I had a lot of doors closed on me this year, I have had some fowl treatment on my part where I was angry and felt like I wasted my time trying to be a good friend, the amazing feeling is I will not stop being a good person but I won’t hold anyone in high expectation. I have noticed the difference in how much relief I feel not to have expectations of people because now I feel no headache I have accepted “Hey this is who you are, I can’t get mad because you are not me and I am not you”. All I do from here now is decide what attitude I am going to have in the future, and how I will manage my attitude if someone lets me down.

Putting faith in people, especially when it’s the wrong people can teach you a lot and give you the insight to acknowledge, that people are people and nobody owes nobody anything. If you chose to help someone it should be with no motive and because you want to help them, the same way as if someone wants to give to someone else it’s because they sincerely want to, with no motives and no expectations to receive the treatment.

Maybe you had to learn to make boundaries from this lesson, maybe you learned that you are too nice and you need to protect yourself, maybe this was one of the hardest lessons in your season.

Having no expectations in people can reduce disappointment, headaches, the drama you don’t need, and anxiety.

Be Thankful and Grateful

I had an insight this month to be thankful and relieved that I survived another month, that I was able to acknowledge the growth in myself, I was thankful that I am achieving my goals even if they are baby steps I am still trying my best.

Despite the cost of living going up and there are still adjustments I’m sure we all have to make to pay our way to live, there were still moments I was thankful to still have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, I was able to travel and go park and get fresh air, there are little things we can recognise in our day to day routine and be thankful for it.

Something as simple as to be thankful you can get to and from work safely with no accidents, you woke up another morning this is something to be thankful for you still have life in you, you got your health, you got luxuries in your life that others do not have to be thankful, when we are thankful follows after is to be grateful.

This month I was able to acknowledge all the different people in my life I am grateful for, the support I get outside of being a single mother from loved ones I am very grateful for. The support I get from close ones in my circle of girlfriends who I was able to see this month and catch up with I am grateful for that because I know everyone’s time is precious, for people to catch up and give me their energy and time, the people who actually care I am grateful for.

Gratitude really is one of the best attitudes.

Let Go

Seriously some things are seriously meant for you to let go of, you don’t want to carry resentment, bitterness, or anger that may be blocking you from your own blessing. Don't live in the past, stop trying to relive the past, stop chasing the past and trying to find the answer to why did it happen, and how could you let it happen to you, most of the time you just end up making it worse and breaking your own heart and blocking yourself from growing when you stay in your hole of past, you don’t get to embrace your present or look forward to what’s happening right now and loving the wait for the future when your living in the past.

on that note….

There is more to share but this is a good start with some insight into what I am learning and what I want to share, wishing you all a blessed day and season nough love thanks for reading



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