Black Beautiful Queens: Tiffany Crookes ‘Confidence_with_tiff

Tiffany Crookes ‘Confidence_with_tiff

So through Black History Month, I wanted to promote and share Beautiful Black Queens, and the theme is to interview different women from different backgrounds of business, interests, and passion.

Not just for me but for my fellow readers, you’ll get to learn and know about different Queens, hustling, grinding, and working hard within their passion and unique pages and skills.

So let me introduce the Beautiful Tiffany Crookes, a beautiful start off, not only do I know of this lovely lady, I also love her fire and desire to promote wellbeing for plus size woman, along with promoting spiritual and mental health wellbeing.


What gave you passion to start Confidence_With_Tiff

The passion came from my life experiences, I’ve had a lot of hard times in my life that has brought me to this moment. My self-confidence is something that I have previously taken advantage of and as I began to lose it I realized its value. By the grace of God, good friends and family, prayer, and meditation I came back to myself after a lot of trauma.

I wanted to create a platform where I could use my experiences and help other women who have been through similar situations as me.

Being a plus-size woman I am a STRONG believer in women’s body positivity. Style and fashion are a part of who I am and I noticed a lot of other queens letting their insecurities stop them from wearing certain clothes or presenting themselves in a confident manner. Women started to approach me and ask me what my secret was so I decided to create Confidence_With_Tiff to share my story and reach out to anyone who can benefit from my help.

I.E (People, books you read, your own experience)

What inspired you to do Confidence_With_Tiff

The inspiration came from honestly feeling like people could benefit from my experiences. 2020 has been a horrible year as a whole and people are having their mental health overlooked. Mental health problems can present itself in many weird and wonderful ways and sometimes we don’t realize that someone is suffering until it’s too late so I want to use ConfidenceWithTiff to make a difference. I want to remind women of the importance of self-love in every form (mentally, physically, spiritually, sexually, etc.) and also provide a space where women can speak about any and everything. I have always been a girls girl so I want to give back some inspiration to women as I have been blessed to be inspired by so many women in my life.

How do you balance this and your everyday life?

It’s a lot I’m not even going to lie, during the pandemic I lost my contract at work which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I now have a 0-hour contract at my job and can work as much or as little as I want which gives me more time to focus on my own business. I have a 5-year-old daughter so she takes the majority of my time but having her is like having a physical reminder of why I have to keep pushing.

I’m in the beginning stages of my business so I’m still growing and I’m still learning but I believe you make time for what you want to make time for and being my own boss has always been a dream of mine so no matter how hard it gets I’m going to always make time for it.

What’s your advice to your peers or someone in general working on self-love and working on their passion?

YOU are the only person that will NEVER and CAN NEVER leave YOU so how you treat yourself is important. When I was at my lowest point in life I really didn’t realize how much I had changed, I no longer liked the person I was becoming, I didn’t know myself anymore and the pain began to trigger anxiety.

That overwhelming feeling of negative energy really took a toll on me and I began to see it in the eyes of my loved ones. I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend as well as many other things to many people and I began to notice my well-being didn’t just affect me. I love my family so so much and I just want to win for them (for myself also).

My family gave me the wind back in my sails and continue to support and love me in my hardest times and greatest moments so that gave me the motivation to face my demons head-on and stop pretending like my feelings weren’t there just because I didn’t like them.

The advice I would give to another queen coming up or anyone for that matter is to know WHAT you are doing, WHY you are doing it, WHO you are doing it for, and to know HOW you are going to make a difference. If you can answer those 4 questions confidently then in my humble opinion you are on to a winner.

Love yourself confidently and know that you deserve it

Love Always xoxo


I had the honour of getting to hear her feedback on her page and interests, below are information for you to check out and share among your peers and friends. All these women are here to encourage and help strengthen us within the womanhood and sisterhood.

Thank You for reading

Nough Love S.S



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