Finding Your Innerself: Finding Ways to Unwind

So last month…I got to say I am experiencing brighter days, the days are getting much brighter, maybe because of the weather, maybe because I’e survived the trials, there’s a lot of fewer low moments.


Storms can happen in life, no matter how big or small it may feel. Storms can crumble our world, while we are going through them, we have to acknowledge and be thankful when we have survived them. Now we can begin to focus on ourselves, have faith in our movements and changes, we can bring those stress levels down.

It’s okay not to be okay and accepting we can’t control any situation that is out of our control, this is where I began to have faith and hold on to that faith no matter how impossible the situation looks. I started to focus on what matters to me and what makes me happy, I am healing.

When finding yourself along with self-care, you begin to find peace and fewer low days. When you let go of toxic energy and digest your anxiety, worries, the pressure, you will be able to find ways that help you unwind and you will feel encouraged and confident to keep on going.

Get Good Sleep

I have discovered setting up a bedtime routine for myself is important. Even as a mother I shouldn’t wing it, or stay up watching shows and movies.

I noticed how cranky, angry, moody I get when I haven’t had a decent amount of sleep. I feel unmotivated, I get lazy and irritated with anything, not healthy.

Since I changed how I sleep from weekends to how I sleep weekly in the last couple of months, this has made a difference. I have found ways to listen to rain sounds, sleep relaxing music, and no light.

Better sleep has helped me to be a better morning person, I have a morning boost of happiness because I have had a good sleep, even if I don’t fall asleep straight away I am relaxing in my bed. Remember good sleep reduces focus on negative things, reduces overthinking, reduces anxiety and the rest.

When you haven’t had good sleep don’t lean on all your thoughts, especially when they're negative. Good sleep gives better concentration, healthier skin helps enhance memories.

As a mother I know it gets tough, but any spare time, 10mins or even 15mins, when the children nap you have one too eve if you sleep half of their time, give it a try makes a difference.

In general, reflect on your sleep, plan a good sleeping pattern, give it a try.

Have a Good Cry

Cry me a river! Rain on me! Can you stand the rain? Look at the end of the day your human, sometimes you may have really low moments in your life, no matter who you talk to, what you do it doesn’t seem it's getting better… if you have moments like this or still recovering. When we break down or reach a breaking point, I think you should have a decent cry.

I’m aware some people don’t cry so easily, I understand if you don’t like to cry if your not good with crying but I will still share this one because I feel it really does help, just one good cry.

Personally, for me I used to feel awful, embarrassed because I am crying but i was more because I didn’t realise I needed to release what I was feeling.

After the crying see the beauty of releasing and letting go physically. I was able to release this energy that was making me feel drained, crying is a part of the healing it cleanses the soul, I’m able to feel my strength grow and build up.

The crying helps when you're having your quiet time, this may not apply to everyone but if you're still healing, or riding through a storm right now I do encourage you to have a good cry. Sometimes after that good cry, you will have such good sleep, feel refreshed the next morning.

What helps you release? What helps you feel happy?

Dancing, working out, writing, find hobbies that make you happy and focusing on what keeps you positive in your everyday life, make the most of those hobbies.

Find the hobbies that help you stay lifted, focus on the gifts that help you be the best version of yourself and don’t run from your gift.

Make a Playlist

When you find yourself you find what you like, music is therapy try and have a day or one evening dedicated to your music, what you like.

Make a playlist for yourself, your favourite summer songs, your slow jams, if you were a DJ what would you play? Music is therapy, one song can affect your entire mood, one song can affect the whole environment, songs can help us relax, can help us unwind, and can definitely help me shake a feather or two lol.

Music can boost your mood, reduces stress, motivates you to move, music can relieve pain. I make a monthly playlist, I recognise how some songs have the same mood, and some are repetitive because I feel the same groove.

Morning Walks

Definitely try a morning walk probably not in the rain, even if it’s ten minutes make a big difference to your day. I am starting to love morning walks, I would normally only do this on holiday but lately, I love it.

Get some fresh air, clear my mind, my senses just focus on the environment around me. When I hear the birds, makes me cheerful, when I look at the sky, admire the clouds. I notice the sound of the swing of my bag when walking, the tap of my feet, how my rhythm is different to when I walk on my own to how I walk with my cub in his pram, the beat of my body is different.

Good exercise, I’m strengthening the bones, improving my immune system.

On that note….

Don’t run from your dreams, don’t wonder what if I did this? Why not open the door of opportunity and just give yourself a chance.

Don’t let go of what makes you different from everyone else, never let go of who you are and what makes you beautiful and unique.

You know you have gifts so use them, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, don’t worry if anyone will like what you do. You are different for a reason, you have a right to let yourself shine like everyone else. So own it and stay positive.




BLOG PAGE S.S THAT’S A THOUGHT , Single Mother, Actress, Writer, Blog Writer, Christian, Cancerian

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S.S That's a Thought

S.S That's a Thought

BLOG PAGE S.S THAT’S A THOUGHT , Single Mother, Actress, Writer, Blog Writer, Christian, Cancerian

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