Inner Goddess…You are a Butterfly

Wow as we are coming to the end of this Joyful July, despite the weather, the amazing sunshine we have been blessed with along with the storms and rainy days, I want to rejoice on all my inner Goddesses out there, to remind you… to keep on moving because you are doing amazingly

Feeling the Transformation

I can imagine feeling this transformation wasn’t easy, I bet you went through a lot of trials all at once, it must have felt overwhelming and relief at the same time.

During the change for me through this month, there were so many mountains in my way, I had to fight and climb, sometimes I had to fight with myself, I had to accept this change, this enabled me to let go and find more peace within myself.

I notice the change in me was affecting my sleep, the way I eat, even how I feel about certain themes in my life. My view has completely changed with how I see love, my priorities in my life, wanting to try something new, trying to think outside the box.

Perhaps your day to day routine has changed, maybe the way you feel about family, finances, your ambitions are changing, maybe you had to make a change with how you see people.

Maybe like me, you have recognised the change in yourself, maybe like me, you are managing those ugly days much better than you used to before.

However, there will always be low days; however, what becomes beautiful is noticing how quickly you are moving forward from them, your accomplishing, and finding ways to deal with it better.

Praying is my go-to, noticing how my days can turn out when I don’t pray. I panic about the small things and don’t remember all the mini-miracles I am blessed with.

The transformation of my mood, the maturity I feel is hard not to notice, and be proud of myself for.

For me it felt like I was saved again, I was celebrating it has been 8 years since I was saved and it was something to reflect on because some lessons have been repeated in my life the last couple of years. I also felt proud because some trials I have truly accomplished and felt blessed God has still been here, even reflecting this in myself is transformation.

Holding onto Hope

I have learned from June to July, it makes me feel better to have HOPE, no matter what is going on in my life to always have HOPE, because maybe not in my time, but in natural time things can get better, things will get better.

It will be worth it to have hope while living this life we have, you will see and be thankful for the miracles and blessings you never even expected to have, maybe you feel you don’t deserve good change, but Queens, Goddesses.

You do deserve good change, have FAITH in what you Pray about or dream on, have HOPE you deserve it when it happens.

Let Go

Be honest with yourselves, if there is still your past, things that has happened in your life that are blocking you from your blessing, be honest with yourself and Let Go!

This is a hard process but also one of the best choices you can do for yourself, let them go, let it go, let go so you can feel freedom, freedom from pain you have been holding on to, free from making the same mistakes or repeating the same pattern and be good to yourself.

You are a Butterfly….

You don’t have to drown anymore, you know any negative thoughts its a LIE, and you know who you want to be, so be that person no matter what. At least daily you can be honest and say you have tried your best

We are not in this life, to be trapped in the same spot, we don’t have to follow the same old pattern in our lives, be free and let go, spread our wings and grow.

On that Note

So coming to the next new month… I want all my fellow ladies to clap for themselves, and be proud of how much you are changing look forward to the blessings and new things you are learning about yourself.

Continue to love who you are,



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