January….Start as You Go

I feel January has come by so quickly, I’m not sure if I recognized this because I am getting older, or maybe because my month was busy, back into reality and all that jazz, is this why I felt this month came by so quickly? Am I the only one who noticed how slow the middle of the day seemed? Did you notice how fast the time went by once the clock was after 7 p.m?

January normally for me goes by slowly, but this year, it hit differently, the days go by so fast I reckon, next week it will be the beginning of February and I’ve only just started to feel the changes and adjustments I have been making this month.

Some Grey Clouds

If your month has been more downs than lows, or you're going through trials already, as much as it's hard going through it, I think you should be thankful that the trials are at the start of the year now, so you can get through it, survive it and move it out the way to look forward to the next eleven months.

Sometimes January can be annoying, due to the everyday effect of trying to get back to normal after Christmas, adjusting back into school runs/ nursery runs, and going back to work.

Trying to figure out your goals, financially, relationship, career, and self-love, all these things will take time especially when you have your off days, maybe experiencing more off days than good days, during this time all you can do is try your best and continue to start as you go.

When we try to juggle everything at once, it can be overwhelming especially when things happen that can affect our whole week, month, peace of mind. These types of situations when you never saw it coming, when it could completely throw you off.

When you have days like these remember, do not be so hard on yourself, be thankful you are blessed to try better the next day. Don’t worry and try not to overthink, if you have dealt with the situation the best way you can, without giving yourself stress or drama, that’s all you can do.

You can manage and have a choice to change the way you choose to react to the situation, you don’t have to give yourself any more pressure, if you’ve said your peace or made peace with it, just take the emotions as they go, take all the time you need to process your feelings.

Still Learning

This month for me was busy, I was adjusting changes and it’s only now at the end of the month I am feeling the positive outcome of these changes.

I had a lot of situations going on, some I prepared for cause I knew they were arising, some situations I was not prepared for, I never saw it coming and even in these times I still had to learn something.

In the situations this month that I wasn’t prepared for I learned three things;

  1. I need to stop expecting people to treat me the way I treat them. Doesn’t mean their bad people but you need to decide and make a decision if it’s affecting your energy, if they have offended who you are, keep your distance but don’t have any expectations of people, that way you won’t be disappointed and you can’t be mad because they are who they are and you, are you.
  2. Accept I need to have patience for good things, even if I feel I should have it now, it’s probably not best to have it now, and I need to learn to wait for them.
  3. I need to stop overthinking on situations that don’t need that attention of time to think about. These situations arise and they don’t need so much attention to, just focus on the things that need your attention where there’s positive thinking and goals being reached.


I had to learn from being hacked into my account that these situations can be a nightmare, it is annoying and all I could do was accept it as much as this really annoyed me, I was annoyed at how this happened to me and why!

So annoying but I had to learn to get over it within 24 hours, and even after two weeks this person is still affecting what’s going on, but all I can do is repeat myself, that it’s not me, and to block delete, and report them.

Someone hacking me this month, when I think of my work of posting my blogs, my dancing, losing some of my videos and photos hurt me a little, because I love seeing my memories, but what I had to remember is , it’s not the end of the world, this can be something to bury.

All I can hope is people know me even through social media, and be smart not to entertain these horrible people, all because of money, and just reminded me the way some people are in this world… will do the most for money scam or fraud, to take someone’s identity is disgusting, but I believe in Karma, Move forward and don’t be upset because I can make new memories, my Instagram doesn’t define who I am.

Stay Positive

As much as this month was hard, and some it may have been harder for others, I encourage that you stay positive and despite everything continue to keep yourself lifted, and look forward to whatever agendas keep you happy to do during the next month.

Look at positive quotes, find those go-to songs that lift your spirit this kind of practice helps you daily to improve a peaceful mind. Comes with practice even I’m learning this month even with the off days, reading some positive quotes or bible verses for strength helps me ride through my emotions.

Make mental notes of finding positive things to say about yourself, help increase your self-love. I find it helps me remind myself why I should value being me in the first place, just helps me instantly to keep on track, not be hard on myself, as long as I’m doing my best.

Positive Affirmations: You should tell yourself

Just a few positive affirmations you should try, say this to yourself when you have a moment to yourself when you're looking in the mirror, getting ready for work, cleaning your home, before you go to bed, before you pray or after you pray when you meditate. Just give these a try... see how it made you feel after you said it, if you didn’t believe in what you said then why? And find the problem.

  1. I am allowed to feel low at times.
  2. My heart is full of love.
  3. I am a confident person.
  4. I am good enough just the way I am.
  5. my well-being is important.
  6. I am beautiful.
  7. I am calm.

If you don’t feel positive when saying these to yourself, that’s where you need to find out why and what can you do to be positive again.

Reflect on your best moments this month…

It’s good to look back on the month and find the moments which were fun, which may have been relaxing, you can find out why was it good or blessed that day, was there anything this month you did in your everyday routine that made the day better, continue to apply it in the next month.

What I want to continue to apply

For example, I haven’t worked out for the whole of the month, I only just started the last two weeks of doing morning stretches and dancing again, this was a change instead of cardio and fast pace working out like I used to do, morning stretches gives me a better mood in the mornings, and finding a new workout with less cardio so I can focus on toning in my personal goal.

Keeping a cheat day is something I will apply for next month, helped me balance out what I want to eat and what I’d like to cut out when trying to eat more healthily. Cheat days help me balance the crap I eat, keep an eye on how much crap I’m eating that day, and how much not to spend on takeaways, find affordable and better homemade styles of eating the comfy foods I like to eat.

I noticed this month I had better sleep most of the time, I want to apply this again next month, better sleep and a better mood for the next day, very important even on weekends, making myself boundaries so I can relax more.

Relaxing and resting more is definitely a goal all year round for me to try and to, just trying to find a balance.

My quiet place, my peace of mind, my goals, and my love for myself have to come first, and I must try and keep this as my focus.

On that note…

Thank you for reading have a blessed new February, remember to encourage one another, love yourself, and be blessed.

Continue to start as you mean to go on, keep focused, stay positive.



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