Master Ice….Happy Birthday

Master Ice it’s your birthday

Well well well… it’s Aries season and I am honoured to dedicate this blog to my big brother, Master Ice… I.C.E….But I call my big brother, Leon… Happy 40th Birthday this blog is dedicated to you.

Happy 40th Birthday well I can’t believe it…I can’t actually believe it and I am not dreaming my big brother is 40, seems so surreal.

What better way than to share on my platform, how proud and special it is to have a big brother like you.

There’s a lot I can share and you know I love to talk but I thought only to share some memories and what I admire about you as a person, along with some peeps who were happy enough to share and give their thoughts to you with me.

Where Do I start…

My brother was born on 25th March 1982, that’s right 80s baby, a classic and one of the best of his generation if you ask me.

My brother I know him to be smooth, swag, serious when he’s ready so I guess that’s where the nickname comes from I.C.E, I have only bumped heads probably once or twice with my brother, I got to say I wouldn’t dare want to clash with him, he can be so serious and sharp when he’s ready.

How would I describe my big brother, as funny, cool, smart, wise, he’s not a follower he’s a leader, he’s different always thinks outside the box, calm vibes but can also be just as fun when you party with him.

I have always watched my brother accomplish anything he put his mind to, my big brother has always been able to have the ability to work hard for what he wants.

I admire the way my big brother speaks his opinion and voice with no compromise or fakeness, he has no filter if you want a true and honest opinion.

I appreciate that my big brother encouraged me and have always encouraged me to do what I love whether it was to travel, act or dance, try something new my big brother always encouraged me that I have abilities to do that.

I appreciate my brother allowing me to be a part of his birthdays, I don’t know many guys who would let their quirky little sister tag along, yet my brother through the years has included me, he never made me feel like an outsider growing up.

I will never forget my brother attending my plays in school/ college, attending my dance shows, even appearing at some of my school meetings.

My brother would allow me to watch music videos, share some wisdom about what awaits me in the world out there. He never allowed me to entertain myself with stupidness during my secondary school years, or gangs in my teenage years, I always felt safe to know I had a big brother like that, even if I experienced prank calls or any form of mistreatment my big brother was there.

Memories to share about my Big Brother

I remember when my brother brought me these trainers, the same trainers 50 Cent wore in his first music video “In Da Club”, when I went to school wearing them a couple of times, thinking nothing about it, so many peers boys and girls were absolutely gasping how I got them, I couldn’t take any credit but I felt amazing my brother got them for me.

Jamaica 2016, one of the best highlights I was honoured to be in your wedding, I never felt so proud, it was so beautiful to be a part of your moment.

I love the fact I can share memories with my nephews to let them know how amazing their dad has always been.

One of my favourite memories is when we went to see Drake “Thank Me Later” Tour, back in possibly 2010 or 2011, my brother made sure I could see, made sure I had a good spot amongst the crowd, and he made sure I was safe.

I remember walking amongst city centre with my friends, my peers would wonder what some peeps meant when they would approach me and say “Your I.C.E’s sister aren’t you, make sure you get home safe”. This was always when I would be out with my friends from school, whether I was walking in town, near the broad street, or star city, city centre, no matter what part of Birmingham.

When this would happen my class peers would wonder “Who’s I.C.E?” LOL my big brother but it was nice to say nothing and leave my class peers in suspense like my big brother was in a mafia or something, no not that just he’s known to be a lovable, social, real and funny cool person.

What else can I say

My brother has accomplished so many goals, he has overcome trials and is not afraid to share his experiences with friends and family so we can take some wisdom or learn a lesson from them.

Mother dearest had always reminded me how much my big brother would drop me to nursery before he went to school. I recall my brother picking me up from primary school also.

Mom never fails to let me know the cheeky one, my brother wouldn’t dream of being cheeky or pushing her buttons the way I do.

I think it’s awesome you are 10 years apart from me, so I can watch and learn, gain wisdom, knowledge of how to deal with this crazy thing we call life.

Even so, being 10 years apart my brother still found ways to make me feel included, board games, video games, letting me play on his computer, listen to his music, giving me extra 10 minutes to watch television before bedtime, passed down his mobile phones so that I could have a phone during my secondary years.

Mom, you have raised an amazing son, and Lord thank you that Master Ice is my brother.

My big brother has always made sure I was safe, even on family holidays, Jamaica, the U.S always made sure I was safe, and included in fun activities.

I could list 40 stories and memories but I am not going to do that, although it would be a great challenge for me.

I just want to wish my big brother a big Happy Birthday, 40 and smooth, you have grown so much and I am inspired by who you are,

Always been able to make me laugh, never a boring conversation gives calm and good vibes every time I get to chill with him.

Seeing the father and man you have become you should be very, very proud of yourself, I know your wife is proud, your mother is very proud, and your cheeky little sister and nephew are very proud of you also.

Seeing how much you have been through your rises and falls, you have become a true King in the making, be proud of your empire and what God will watch us witness, as you step into greatness of your 40th.

Happy Birthday Big Brother, thank the Lord you are still here, and we can all celebrate with you and make amazing memories.

Cheers to you cheer to the amazing kick start of this weekend and cheers to you reaching this part of your journey.

Birthday Message shared from Cuz Tswala

My cousin Leon is quite a character. A gregarious soul with a lot to give and share. If he’s not offering his opinions on the Ronaldo’s and the Messi’s of this world, you may find him rustling and bustling around his home like a General making sure everything is in order and his family are set up for the forthcoming week. Little does he know of my admiration and respect for what he has achieved as a man, a father, a husband and a son. If I were to think back of the memories I have of Leon, they would probably be littered with moments of him dancing to either Michael, Bobby, Hammer, Kriss Kross, Vanilla Ice, Beenie, Bounty etc etc and we’ll be here forever lol. So I‘ll just recall one of my most memorable moments when a small collection of family and friends were all gathered around to see Leon take centre stage and recite one his most iconic and eccentric phrases…. ‘I’m in the zone on my own!!’ Happy 40th birthday Leon!! May you have many more!!

Message Cuz Rachael

I would probably make some smart comment about him having to reach for his pipe and slippers now. But on a serious note I appreciate him (and you) for reaching out and making me feel like part of the family

On that note

Happy Birthday



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