May… Blossoming Through Bridges

Everything’s Changing

May so far has been less stressful despite how busy it is getting late, sometimes it seems like time is getting by so fast and I’m just taking each day as it comes, do you notice the change, have you acknowledged the changes going on in your life? In your day-to-day routine or a situation that has made a shift and made changes in your life.

I feel the last couple of months have gone by quite quickly but seems there have been instant changes in my life that had to be made, I bet you felt it too during this new season, maybe you had to make some changes yourself or maybe some changes were out of your control.

You’re not alone Kings and Queens hopefully there has been a balance of productive and more relaxing days. I just thought I’d share some views on these changes.

The Changes in Yourself

When you are experiencing a change in yourself, depending on what you're going through lately. A situation that you made, which maybe was a mistake and you had to apply change so you don’t make the same mistakes again, you must teach yourself that your mistakes can teach you.

If you're applying a change in your diet, or your health and mental health all these are so important for you to recognise and if the change is good do not apologise for it. Life is about learning more and more on a regular basis, who you were last month maybe completely different from who you are now.

Sometimes you may have experienced the same mistakes because you still weren’t learning. Maybe you want to change your sleep or apply different things to watch and things to read. Those changes feel brilliant when you apply them, for instance, I am starting to watch different genres of movies than what I used to, watching more comedy, scary movies, and documentaries.

Changes in Friends

For instance, you may have made a mistake in your social life, I had to learn a lot about friendships and the shift that’s changed in me.I had some challenging changes and it happens, you go through changes with friends, and you had had a moment when you ran into a Judas in your life.

I’m here to explain to you, that happens, and being betrayed can hurt, and it can really be unexpected, sometimes the people who hurt you are the people you really didn’t expect.

However there is a lesson you learned in this season, some friends are only for a season. situations like this will consistently happen to you until you learn to make boundaries, this is where you make changes and only be around people who are on the same level as you.

I learned from this that it’s okay if friends come and friends go because you can always learn something from that person, they still played a purpose in your life for you to be a better version of yourself and stay true to your truth.

I learned that these types of friends have hurt me, I am thankful for the lessons I learned furthermore I am thankful to the friends who are truly supportive whether I see them or now. Even in the most awful situations, you may have experienced with friends in your season or past season, even if it was something that happened years ago. It’s a blessing when you can recognise the good peers who have your back, the friends you can always go to on those good and bad days.

Be around the friends who value and respect you and love your flaws and all, and keep positive about the memories you have made with good people who have a good heart just like you.

Keep people around you who are motivated and inspiring.

Keep people around you who are passionate about life even if they have low days they don’t release any negative vibes, they help encourage you, they listen, and even if you don’t talk everyday they are there for you.

Changes Socially

With everything that has happened with COVID-19, the restrictions, staying at home and that isolation, trying to break out of that mindset… going out once a month will help increase happiness in your life.

The weather is here and there but I recommend even if it’s once a month try and go out if you can whether it’s a cup of coffee catching up with a friend, a dance class or gym session, a long walk in the park.

I do recommend this because I notice the change in my mood, it’s made a nice adjustment to my routine. Weather can be hard sometimes but it does help to try and get some fresh air even if you can’t always go out, it doesn’t always have to be clubbing, it can be just cocktails and catching up, brunches, drink at the pub, bowling, free event.

This doesn’t have to be expensive there are so many ways you can try different places to picnic in the park. You could arrange meetings at home, traditional ladies' night like back in the day, you pop round or chip in a takeaway or bring something each and one bottle of wine, or two bottles.

One more thing I’d like to add…

Laughter is medicine definitely try and find something to make you laugh on a weekly basis.

Keep that feel-good moment and hold on to whatever in your life makes those days better and happier for you.

Don’t let anyone’s behaviour affect your inner peace.

Nough Love thank you for reading



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