May… You’ll Never Know, Keep Believing


At the start of May, I written a short speech, monologue whatever you want to call it explaining what I would like to happen around this time of the month, and already by next week this month will have already had come to an end how fast was that.


May can you be less stressed? Can you deliver some pause moments for me to relax, and help me Treat myself, May I have some more naps, please?

May, I have been waiting for you, I hope your season will be full of more joy and more minor tears, a time to make more changes, can I have some smooth jazzy, beautiful nights and fun sparkly days ahead.

May, May we have more cloudy skies, more walks in the parks, some more healthy snacks, and may I have help with more inspiration for my goals and finding something new.

May has been hmmm well May has been a lot of things for me and had so many changes. Adjustments had to recover my body physically when you're exercising properly again, or recovering very heavy hay fever and common colds from the bipolar weather. Trying to prepare for the better in life no matter how low some days seemed.

Keep Believing

You have been working hard all the year, and just wanting that reward or achievement you know you deserve, well keep on believing even when the nights seem more tiring and the days seem longer.

I know it's tough when your just waiting for that reward or achievement and your just wondering when it’s going to happen. You know it’s in this time period of waiting and still working hard that is the hardest part of the receiving because the door literally is almost there to open.

I believe all hard work pays off and while you are in these hard moments with shaping, and rearranging just keep on believing. Also, keep on doing the best you can, and don’t worry about your shortcomings or mistakes because you can always try again and be blessed with another day to learn from yesterday.



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