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Happy blessed Monday, Motivational Monday is something that creates a positive message to start out your week freshly, and positively every Monday.

Even waking up is a blessing, so waking up feeling a purpose and sense of belonging for you is important. This message creates a message to stay focused on your goals, be happy you have an opportunity to keep pushing forward this week.

Even with our ordinary routine of work school/nursery runs, going back to work, cleaning, etc… even through this, it’s healthy to remember and remind yourself what motivates you.

What motivates you throughout your Life?

Dreams and goals motivated me, the more we think about our dreams and goals, eventually, we start to train and practice on our gifts and qualities which enables amazing achievements.

For me being a mother motivates me to keep going, even on off days I still feel motivated to try even better the next day, the strength and test you earn in parenthood help keep you motivated.

Wanting to have a better life, wanting to accomplish my goals is what keeps me motivated, I feel what matters is the deep feelings in your heart that drive you to keep going, materialistic things we may want is a goal, but the motivation of this kind of stuff can sometimes lacks the truth within, it’s not about what you want on the outside, it’s about finding the truth within to why it motivates you to want certain things in life.

They say the best things in life are free, motivation can help set us free from our fears or anxieties when going through our grind and hustle of life.

Motivation can remind you, that anything is possible when you believe and have faith in yourself, no matter how long it takes to get there all the work and effort you put in daily is what helps us grow to those dreams.

When motivation is lost

This can happen because of circumstances, lose motivation of that job you're in, even though you're making the money you may not have heart or enjoy your work anymore.

There could be times that things seem to be the same and there’s only little change you see, this could make you feel fed up, impatient, annoyed with the situation, or even yourself. This can happen to trust me I have been there, what I want to share is this…

Don’t worry this does happen, you can still get back up, make notes in your head or in a journal, piece of paper, and look at the ups and downs of last year, what did you learn? What motivated you to keep on going, feel that feeling again of what you accomplished and how you felt when you accomplished it and feel it again.

Don’t look into what others are doing, and don’t compare to them this can kill your motivation, this life and your dreams and paths in life are not a competition with anyone else, you can distract yourself from your own path and goal when comparing yourself to others.

Remember the success you have already made in yourself, and don’t forget why it’s a good thing to remember now, remember how far you have come, and compare yourself with yourself now.

Get back to doing things that make you truly happy, look a the tiny goals you want to accomplish and how this can reach your big goals, and be happy and be proud o those tiny goals, sometimes these tiny goals make a big difference to your perspective on what you want and why you want it.

It’s very important to remember how much you have improved in yourself, and how much you achieved last year to reach your goals, carry those feelings, strengths, and qualities with you this year especially if it made you happy and made a positive impact in your life and motivation.

What positive thoughts help us to stay motivated?

‘The Universe needs more of what I have to offer.

‘Nothing is Impossible’.

‘I have a lot to offer.

‘Today is full of possibilities.

‘I am good enough just the way I am.

Today remember this is another blessed day, a new week to start again or continue on the progress you are doing for yourself, and be proud and look forward to that comfort and accomplishment when it finally happens for you.

The Universe is your oyster, and there is only one of you, you are unique and have an individual special DNA of what makes you who you are, embrace that and share it with the world.

You have a lot to offer and show in your career goals, relationship goals, financial goes, healthy well-being goals, keep it going and remember how much you have to offer in your circle of friends, circle of the social network, embrace each other, and encourage each other to stay motivated.

As long as you are doing the best you can every single day, and even today you may not think what your doing has an effect even if it doesn’t seem like big tasks, however how you manage your feelings today, and throughout the day defines how your day will go.

Start as you go today, and grasp that positive feeling, to embrace and feel it’s going to be a positive day. Even if you didn’t have enough sleep, be thankful you woke up, you have the rest of the week to get the rest, or any tasks you have prepared for this week, look forward and stay motivated to continue.

Remember you go this Kings and Queens

On that note

Stay motivated today and hold on to your motivation and the amazing qualities that make you who you are to be the best version and take every day strongly as it comes.

Thanks for reading

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