S.S That’s a Thought Chapter 29, Cancer Moon Goddess

July so far…

June was joyful and July I feel will be even better, not just because it’s my birthday month but because, we have all survived this lockdown, pandemic, the chaos going on in the world. Trials in our own lives we have survived it and it’s the 7th month of the year, this is something to be thankful for, and celebrate.

What I learned before entering Chapter 29 (My 29th Birthday)

I learned how to manage my emotions and goals separately from how I feel like a woman, compared to how I feel as a mother.

Being a Mother, whether your a single mother, married and a mother, step-mother ect… it’s not all sunshine, there are so many trials I am learning and experiencing, so when I think of myself as a woman I can see there’s still so much to work on.

You sometimes bottle up your feelings, priority of your child, sometimes you hardly get any sleep, you forget to check on yourself and you end up offloading and realising you still need a breather.

Find those moments, when children are asleep and check on yourself.

Check on yourself

Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child wrote a book called “Checking In”, an excellent book, highly recommend which brings me to what I am learning.

In general, you should always check on yourself, no matter what check how you feel mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Keep moving forward, hold on to your faith and have hope it will get better. From you wake up in the morning you are blessed, you can find the little things that you are thankful for.

What I Discovered

I have discovered so many blessings that I feel have fallen into place, changed my life physically, mentally, and spiritually. This year I have accomplished practicing more how to check on ME. As a mother, I really feel I transformed my bad days into reflection and still end up learning from them.

I’m learning to have more fun and give myself days where I can be silly, detox the social media, detox making tik toks, detox movies, and read a book instead.


I’m thankful for the growth within my season, I can tell from my peers, plus family that everyone has grown in their season, whether family, career, personal goals I have been thankful to witness everyone’s growth.

When you have that instinct this month will be a good season, trust your inner voice, even if you have trials that seem to be blocking you, don’t give in to that doubt. Trust this is still your season.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Don’t be so hard on yourself, look over your week and find some time to do something that makes you happy. A walk, dance session, work out, eating something you love, sleep earlier, watch an old school film. This helps the soul, this helps you find what you like and help you grow in your season.

Be grateful you survived your off days, sometimes you overthink, sometimes you overreact and lose focus on what matters in your life. I know the storms can affect our emotions, I’ve been there but I am learning to accept my bad moments, be happy I have been honest with myself and now I can move on to what to do next, so that I don’t feel low again, put my feelings first, on my own.

Be happy in all those moments you are blessed with. When you get to listen to that favorite song when you get to have a bath. Drink that favourite glass of wine, laughing from a comedy, going for a drive. Keep having those moments and be happy, stay happy.

Encourage others

I am very grateful to those who have supported me, those who have encouraged me to give up. I am learning apart from checking on you also go along with, checking on others too. Checking on others you can share stories, have a laugh, give others hope, helps all our mental awareness.

You are a Superstar

My last note is to remember you are a superstar, continue to love yourself the way God loves you, or the way you know you deserve. Whether you are spiritual or not always love and embrace who you are.

We are all stars, we all have a right to shine. We all have a right to be happy and feel beautiful, and live the best way we can during our days.

If you need to have more fun, go and do it, if you want to treat yourself go and treat yourself.



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S.S That's a Thought

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