The Losing Weight Story: Part 1

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The Losing Weight Story: Part 1


Firstly I’d like to say thank you, peers, for your patience, I have been thinking a lot about how to start this blog series, and gathering all your questions, ready to give my answers.

This is exciting to share as we are in the month of February, and still the start of the year to continue to work on your goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, sculpt your body, gain weight or just exercise more, I hope my stories and advice will help you as much as possible.

Just a simple reminder, I am not n expert, I am not a personal trainer, I am not a doctor!!!

I am just a peer, a friendly neighbour who just wants to share what I can remember everybody’s body is different.

However there may be some basic information, you will find, or similar experiences you will see through my journey that could encourage you in your journey with your body.

Through this process I want you to feel encouraged, I want you to feel happy to want to take on this journey in your life. I want you to learn something new.

Enjoy each Blog entry and any questions, or information you want me to send one to one, like workout plans, food information, certain research I saved and still apply I will be more than happy to share.

I have taken time to create each blog, with each different theme to losing my weight, so stay tuned, read and enjoy.

About the start of my Weight Journey

My Journey started in July 2019, It was just a couple of weeks after my break up.

Yeah sounds so typical, cliche but it’s absolutely true I’m afraid to say, and I am not ashamed this is the root of my journey.

I wanted to lose weight, I was a size 12 and the break up couldn’t have come at the right time, to be honest.


I never felt more motivated, here I was single mother now, I hated my body, I wasn’t confident, and I just decided enough was enough.

I was a first mom, first-time body changing physically, emotionally, hormones all over the place, trying to feel comfortable in my own skin again.

This was a change I realised I have to make on my own, go through this process on my own, don’t be afraid, and be honest with myself.

  • Think about why you want to lose weight? What is your purpose

My Purpose to lose weight was to be healthier to raise my son, and to feel beautiful in my skin again, to love myself again, to find myself beautiful, and to embrace womanhood and motherhood at the same time.

*Write down what you want to work on? Is it the whole body? Is it certain areas?

I had a think about my body what was it, I wanted to work on. I wanted to work on my whole body, along with getting to specific areas like my legs, my glutes, my stomach.

Back around Summer 2019, I was still getting back into the habit of walking again at my normal pace, going out when I could, and doing activities with my son.

Recovering from a C-Section for me wasn’t easy, I still had stitches and still had back pain, I had to slowly take my time in order to get back into exercise.

So writing down what I wanted to work on, along with research, watching workouts, looking and meal prepping was something to do.

*Do your research

Remember this is your journey, and your own research is important, all the work you put into your goal will help.

See losing weight as just another chapter in your life, don’t feel bad, don't overthink and have fun with it even when you do start to feel the burn.

Nobody is perfect, absolutely nobody even the singers or dancers I admire. Ciara, Teyana Taylor, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, as much as I do look at some of these celebrities and admire and applaud their bodies.

I remind myself I am not them, they are not me, some ways of losing weight takes time, eating healthy is down to me, and also down to what I can afford to do and what I am able to do.

Remember to do what you are able to do, don’t push yourself too soon.

Obviously still under lockdown, and depending on how your time is at the moment.

The first stages I feel are about looking at your everyday routine, where you can find the time, where are you able to start some exercise.

I treated working out and eating like an adventure rather than just a goal. This way I can enjoy my life, not put too much pressure o myself if my goal hasn’t reached there yet.

It has been 19 months and counting and I still have so much to learn and so much to apply in my new chapter of how I want my body now.


Try and write down or make a list of everything you eat. this can help you to evaluate what you should cut down, what you should eat more of.

Check to see if your drinking enough water, having your 5 a day.

Think about everything from the snacks you have a night time, what do you crave, are you comfort eating.

Do you need to cut down on those takeaways, in this process be honest with yourself? Trust me you will thank yourself later.

So those are the first steps I’m telling you:

Write down what you want to work on?

Write down what you eat?

Research foods, meal prepping and workouts you are interested in.

Write down your purpose, why do you want to do this?


Nough Love S.S



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