The Messages Discovered Through March

Wow, it has felt busy, busy, busy emotionally, physically, and mentally and the weather has been a phrase to how March has been for me so far.

Some serious windy storms of energy, feeling irritated, confused, annoyed, closed in during the off days. I was trying to grasp my thoughts and go through them bit by bit while approaching serious changes in my routine, my goals, my ways of sleeping, relaxing, Staying pro-active.

The change of routine in day-to-day routine can have a huge effect on how other situations affect your mindset. I really had to try and not overthink about situations I can’t control, and accept it’s just life and I know sometimes life isn’t fair but at the same time my practice way of thinking is “The show must go on”.

The good days were more relaxed, more smiles, seeing the bright side of things, still having to learn to take my time and be humble, really appreciate the little achievements and progress I have made so far this year, and Kings and Queens I want to encourage you to be the same.

March hidden treasure reminders:

The Show Must Go On-

I know unexpected situations can throw us off, and I know it’s not fun to experience, it feels so unfair, annoying, and you can get angry, frustrated and doubt yourself, wonder why this had to happen… but all in all you have a right to be upset, and vent and process these situations.

Just life can get like that sometimes, and all in all your day and your life must go on, and humble yourself that all will sort itself out even the situations you can’t control will sort itself out in its own time.

The Show Must Go On! You can look forward to being thankful you have another day to carry on, to be blessed and count all the other good around you, and continue your journey.

Keep on smiling and keep on performing and taking that stage in life, despite these unfair, unexpected situations you still deserve to be happy, you still deserve to be blessed, don’t let these situations throw you off.

Keep going through your story and keep starting as you mean to go, try again, and get back to what matters to you.

Learning from your Pain, This makes you Powerful

Imagine bad situations just being a horrific scene in the film of your life, there’s a villain, there’s a conflict that wasn’t your fault and it’s a shame it happened to the hero (you) but remember how the heroes had to carry on and still won in the end.

Or in bad situations when you are battling with yourself, and still having to release, forgive yourself, forgive others, and don’t let it affect the amazing person you are, releasing is your freedom and makes you Powerful because your freedom and truth is your Power.

The pain you go through in general makes you stronger once you have overcome those trials and survived. Your pain is a part of the power in you and the freedom to release that pain.

Freedom is Power

Protect your Peace

You have a right to protect your peace if that means detoxing social media, which I have repeatedly mentioned but I really do understand why, or just putting your phone on silent, just feel like having some quiet time to yourself, you have a right to do that.

If you want to sort out your thoughts for a moment, you have a right to do that on your own, you don’t have to explain to everyone, even your close circle will understand you just need time to yourself.

Leave the unnecessary drama, tension, unwanted vibes outside your door, protect your peace, don’t allow any negative vibes into your home or into your head.

Protect your peace, keep this as a daily thing because sometimes that means cutting off certain things or detoxing things.

I don’t always watch the news, gives me a bad vibe, makes me low when you see the war, and then passings recently, death can be heavy both in reality and in the world of society, pray for those grieving, again sometimes I need to remove myself, sometimes that’s all I see on my social media, deaths, toxic breakups, war. racism, global matters, it can get depressing so I have to shut off from it sometimes and just pray for change.

All in all, make this crucial to protect your peace.

Pay attention to what triggers you and try your best to remove yourself from the situation, try and remember to keep faith even when you have some fear, and don’t avoid people who drain your energy and may not affect you positively.

Recognize the Angels or Signs

This month has seemed busy emotionally and through my daily routine, and there were moments I was pacing up and down, my mind was overthinking, I felt myself trying to juggle everything around me.

I felt frustrated, I felt some situations unexpected can throw me off course, and felt some days were difficult. There were even moments I was questioning myself, wondering why do I feel like I am not getting anywhere because I was finding certain days hard.

When I was in some low and quiet moments, feeling unsure within a couple of days after these moments something amazing would suddenly happen to me. I’d see a sign from above, a symbol, a message from the outside that I am on the right track, that I am covered and being watched, my hard work is recognized and I should keep on doing.

Notice these types of symbols or signs because they are important, for instance; The times I went for a walk to have some fresh air, clear my mind, and get some fresh air, searching for clarity.


During these walks, a white feather would be gently resting on my coat, or I would see two sets of magpies every time, I am quite optimistic about these signs. I sometimes trust them old folk sayings I remembered and acknowledged these moments as a sign.

So in saying this I feel there is some truth for seeing feathers now and then in my home, the feather represents an angel is near you, the angel is a message that your prayers are being heard, and your prayers are going to be answered.

God’s divine presence is watching over you, protecting your peace and your home, spreading light and love, a reminder to keep ongoing.

A feather you see in your home, I notice this on my coat, sometimes on my floor, this is a direct message I feel is to be true, all around the world, many cultures signify seeing feathers around your atmosphere meant a divine presence is near you, an angel.

I believe this to be true for me, I believe this has happened for me in many ways when I’ve recognized it, this had made me feel relieved to carry on in my journey, this sign gives me hope and peace that God is watching, might sound like mumbo jumbo to you, but I think when it comes to our individual spiritual journey, nobody can define what is real to us and what isn’t because their not the ones experiencing it.

Birds Messages

In historical times, Romans believed the magpies showed high intelligence to the world and the invisible realm, believed the magpies is one of the guardians and messenger from the creator itself, (God or as some people would say Mother Nature), it was highlighted these birds shown a sign of fortune good or bad when crossing your path, was believed birds carried messages, wishes and good luck through your path.

Two sets of magpies, well I am going to expect some good news, I may not know when I will receive the good news but these type of messages keep me positive and motivates me to keep on going.

Might be seen as superstition to some people, but for me, throughout my life, it has always made sense and eventually has occurred in my life, the good news or hearing good news from others, this encourages me and helps me to look forward to that good news whenever that will be.


Vivid dreams are another sign, you may dream about the same scenario and learn from that dream how you must apply the lesson you learned in that dream into reality.

Sometimes dreams are so clear in our heads, they felt so real and confused the reality you are living in, dreams are good sometimes the dream whether you remember the whole dream, or you just remembered how that dream made you feel.

The messages or signs shown in your dream pay attention to it, especially if the dream won’t go away, or you're having the same occurring dreams, the colour, the symbols all are sending a message to your inner self, pay attention to that message, pray over the dreams, sometimes it will become clear to you.

Enjoy the climb to your Dream

The hard work your doing is paying off, so enjoy the progress even if you’re having trials while trying to achieve your goals all the hard work will pay off.

Eventually, you will be proud of all the sacrifices you have made to focus on your dream, even if those around you don’t understand.

Sometimes when you're chasing your dreams you have to miss other events going on in your life, you have to say no sometimes, because your priorities have changed, and that’s okay to do.

You are entitled to say no, you are entitled to not do what you usually do because you are practicing those changes for the better to happen in your life.

Check Your Attitude

I’ve had to check my attitude this month, I’ve had to have some hard conclusions with myself in situations, what responsibilities do I have to myself to make things better.

My attitude towards situations may not have been the best approach, and if I notice that I have to check myself and humble myself straight back down, this is good progress for your self-worth.

There may be times you have to do that, you have to be honest with yourself and maybe you weren’t proud of how you handled a situation, or how your approach was in that situation.

Being honest with yourself and practicing to manage yourself and not push those feelings on others around you, if you notice your heart isn’t feeling it, or you're not in the right place to be around people, then withdraw yourself because you're protecting your peace and your preventing yourself from causing drama because your not pushing your low vibes on anyone else, and you're considering other people’s feelings.

Space or being by yourself so you can deal with your own frustration is healthy, sometimes it is not healthy to drag people into it, simply just check your attitude and prevent making your own storms.

Be Your own Reason to Smile and be Happy

You can’t rely on something or someone to make you happy about yourself, you need to make yourself the reason to be happy every day, and you must make reminders in your journey to be happy for being who you are.

Sooner or later materialistic things, even validation from a person are not healthy to rely on in your life to make yourself happy. You need to start being happy about yourself on your own terms, find your own security because you deserve to be happy regardless, and not seek someone’s validation or presence to do that for you.

Grow to be your own best friend, because you soon learn your values and your morals and understand why you are the way you are. Especially when you are healing or overcoming something emotionally always remember you have a right to be happy and have a right to have a happy life.

You are a butterfly you already have the tools to shine bright like a diamond, there is nothing wrong with asking for help, or gaining encouragement but always tap and believe in yourself. There is only one of you in the world, make yourself count, make yourself known, and don’t do it for anyone but yourself.

You got to keep doing whatever makes you happy.

On that Note…

Protect Your Peace.

Start as you mean to Go.

Always check your attitude.

Keep on going and be proud of the progress you are making.

Nough Love




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