Throwback Thursday (Thankful)

My Throwback Thursday is dedicated to other the years, I spent Christmas abroad, I will always be thankful to God that I was able to travel amongst this important time of the year.

I am thankful, I’d say through the ten years of travelling I have been away for Christmas 5 times I think, I class this as a lifetime goal for me.

St Kitts one Christmas, and Miami, Florida (WPB) , Over the years it has been a blast, there has been some amazing memories.

My Throwback Thursday, I got to say thank you to my family and the friends I made over the years, during Christmas vacation my family and friends abroad made me feel welcome, kept me safe, entertained me and took me to some amazing places for some amazing partying! Partying literally until the sun came up, getting turned up, trying all different fast food places.

I really cherish these memories.

Different Experiences

Shopping abroad, oh how I will miss you, I really hope when COVID dies down in what two years, maybe three, only God Knows.

However I will truly appreciate those moments, different style of clothes

St Kitts 2012–2013

Another amazing memory, the heat was much more hot than U.S, seeing family, walking through the town city, partying on Boxing Day absolutely loved this moment.

2019 Christmas

All the years, especially last year was special.

I got to experience a new tradition of travelling with my son, for Christmas abroad. Alexander is an amazing partner in crime for travelling. Alexander slept peacefully, he was exactly the same on holiday, teething, crawling, starting to explore in walking, loved animals.

The only thing Alexander had to get used to was the heat, he had longer naps during the day with me, sometimes it was too hot, and all I could think of doing was sleep.

My amazing Aunty, taking over my morning routine with Alexander I really appreciated, meeting other cousins at Christmas gatherings, going to church for New Years this was absolutely fantastic.

I was still able some nights to party, my amazing Aunty took my night time routine with Alexander, Alexander slept through the night, he ate and tried so much different fruit. Alexander loved the morning walks in the heat, which I definitely prefer then morning walks here.

The shopping at the mall, the food court, last year taking Alexander to see Santa, he absolutely loved that.

I loved going to church, was large like a stadium and a very strong sermon, I was moved, and Alexander was laughing and giggling during the sermon, speakers was loud but during the choir, and praising and praying he fell asleep so peacefully, was a beautiful experience.

My cousins basketball games, was so amazing to see my family has talent in this sport, watching the motivation, observing the different families in their accents cheering their sons on. Mothers were more fierce than the coach haha.

Of course the partying, I loved the parting always. I got to dress up as I would down here, except more casual because I felt that cool warm breeze rather than, having to wear a coat when I go out.

I don’t think so, no morning walks this year 2020, only afternoon walks in the park,now and then but too cold here for that.


I need to make a list of places to return to, places to go, I truly have passion for travelling and have hope I’ll get to when the time is right



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