Web of Reflection for February 2022

I’m not going to lie, even though there has been progress in my life it has been a large emotional rollercoaster, I went through another stage of having to accept, let go and release so much out of myself.

The year has felt a little heavy in the social world and political world, even the weather was a phrase to how I saw February. There were storms I had to deal with and there were okay and better days I got to embrace, but everything I have been going through so far has made me stronger.

I also realised I had to fight myself, and get myself back into motivation, I had to also balance more rest and better sleep, this is something I’m still trying to grasp, it is so important nowadays to get your rest.

What did I learn so far?

It’s okay to SHUT OFF From Social Media/ World News

Since I was hacked, I hardly feel I am the same with how I am with social media, I am hardly posting as many photos or memories of myself the way I used to.

I realised social media can be a high major distraction, it can also make you feel depressed when you don’t realise, maybe not for some people. I only feel triggered by social media when I am watching the celebrities I follow, partying, balling, showing their luxurious shopping sprees, all this materialism that can trigger me on off days.

But if you’ve had some moments like myself when you begin comparing yourself to others because of what you see, maybe you see moments from the celebrities you follow, and you just feel why can’t you have more than what you have? It’s so easy to compare yourself by appearance, or even career goals, holidays, your financial status because you don’t have everything you want.

Sometimes celebrities can create the illusion that they are living the highest life that everything is perfect. The luxirous photoshoots, perfect bodies, perfect relationships, perfect everything! However this doesn’t mean they are actually this happy, and everyone has a right to post what they want to post, that’s the whole point of social media, it’s your platform, you can post what you want.

And I learned this lesson, a saying that really makes so much sense to me, and even something on my old Instagram I admit I used to do myself. “People show you what they want to show you, all that you see which looks glamorous isn’t gold”.

Very true statement, I remember posting my relationships, my holidays, my outings, my hobbies, my dancing and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But personally, in the future I don’t think I would be showing my relationship again on social media, because I just felt times I was stupid to post my relationship when I wasn’t happy in it, just being false and creating this perfect image.

In some ways I feel relieved I don’t have my old Instagram anymore because I can no longer see the posts, I also learned from this hacking experience, How I want to monitor what I put on all my social media platforms.

Sharing memories and parts of who we are on social media are fine, and if I am having days when I feel lost, or I feel low because I haven’t reached certain goals, looking at my social media is something I will not do, because it just gets me in negative emotions.

I was learning that taking a break from social media is okay to do, it’s a healthy break from it, sometimes I get bored of seeing the same experiences, sometimes you only compare yourself because you haven’t reached where you want to be yet.

I also feel watching the news gets me low sometimes, although I feel it is good to know what is going on in the news, for me I want to know the weather, I am interested in what is happening but at the same time the war, the lack of some situations getting better can depress you.

People passing, sadly I read of so many cases where celebrities have passed away, some celebrities have died young, some committed suicide, just very heavy and sometimes too much to see. For some reason the theme of Depression to me was in the air in the world, along with the balance of comedy memes, and don’t get me started with the restrictions in this two year COVID- CRISIS, the vaccination is compulsory, but it may not work, wear your mask, now you don’t have to wear them now! All this can get you frustrated, especially when you're going through your own life.

So my conclusion is it’s okay to detox social media and take a break sometimes, just focus on yourself and pray for the situations in the world you can’t control, promote more positivity in your life, and be grateful for what you have.

Don’t watch what celebrities are doing, not all of them are bragging, in fact, some celebs you admire and follow, you know the reasons why you like them, why you praise their work, why you like their posts because you feel they deserve to be happy, but you deserve to be happy also.

In fact, I admire the celebrities that use their platform on Instagram to promote important awareness, where they share their experience and show they are humans just like us, they feel, they have rough days, they're tired of pretending themselves sometimes.

So thank you to the celebrities I follow who show they care about mental health, sexual abuse, finding yourself, loving who you are, children's education, promoting to love your true identity, and chasing your dreams. Do not compare yourself to others, very important.

Well Done For The Trials You’ve Overcome Big or Small

Listen, fellow Kings and Queens, If you had to jump some trials in February and you got through it. Whether they were big or small e proud and be happy that you have finally released, and survived February.

Considering it’s still just the beginning of the year 2022, by end of this new month we’ll have a taste of how 2022 is going, but getting back to what I am saying.

If February was tough for you… had some serious trials that nobody could imagine or understand how you got through them, WELL DONE KINGS AND QUEENS. I am clapping for you and holding your hand in spirit because sometimes life can be seriously tough, and those trials are no joke.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you had some days when you didn’t want to try, if you felt tired and tired and tired again emotionally it can draining, it can be a battle with ourselves trying to keep ourselves together.

I want you to know I am proud of you and you should be proud of yourself, the world seems to be having grey clouds, but if you’ve gone through your own storms, made it out on the other side.

You are so much stronger than you realise, I am sure you have realised that now, and it will get better.

On that note…

There is nothing wrong with dancing through your storm, allowing yourself to laugh more, make more happy moments with your closed circle, even if your building on yourself and making happy moments for yourself and reaching your goals.

Keep dancing through those storms, start as you mean to go, and try not to worry.

Love every imperfection you have because it’s also what makes you, who you are, love those beautiful scars, look at them as beauty marks.

Remember you are beautiful.

Remember your heart is full of Love.

Keep your mind clear and remember you are in control to ignore those negative thoughts or give life to them, you don’t have to give life to them.

Remember you have a lot to offer the world, so keep going for your goals, don’t let anything or anyone distract you.

Remember your unique ideas, your social platform, if it’s different that’s a good thing, different, unique is what makes you beautiful in your own way.

Don’t apologise if you are feeling good, and don’t let other people’s troubles impose on your energy.



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