When You Feel BURNED out

Sometimes you can come across a couple of weeks, or calculate after a couple of months how tired, and drained you may feel emotionally, physically, and mentally, there can be complex circumstances that you had to ride through.

Trust me I understand how that feels and just wanting time to pause, pause everything, and have a long break, you know when it’s needed because life can get by so fast you can get to a point when everything is just bottling up, you just busy on doing one thing after another in your daily routine.

Trying to crumple everything in one basket is not a good idea, you don’t realise when you are doing it until one day you have an outburst emotionally or could act irrationally in a situation because you are so tired. You got so caught up in the fast pace of all you are doing that you generally forgot to relax and rest and just gather your thoughts together. that day comes after when you feel everything at once, so emotional and feeling very exhausted, and frustrated.

Burning candles on both ends have consequences, you physically feel overwhelmed again, and you realise you need to try and find a moment to unwind. It’s so important to make sure you check in with yourself, reflect as much as you can, and gather your thoughts, especially about how you are feeling.

Mental health is so important, especially with all the sudden changes in the world, cost of living, being busy so busy you may not have checked in with your friends or even family, and maybe you may not have had enough sleep. even social media can become a distraction, not eating enough, with this weather stay hydrated and watch for the pollen.

During these moments you should shut off the social media get back to focusing on what is important to you, and get back to gather your thoughts. Mental health is so important when you feel emotional and try and adjust some changes to feel better mentally.

seriously I noticed last month that when I was unwell and under the weather, my mental health affected me a lot, I was low and depressed, and I was frustrated that each day I couldn’t seem to gather enough sleep at night or do things I wanted to because physically I was tired. I had to learn to snap out of mystery and pity on myself just because I wasn’t able to physically do the things I wanted, when your unwell most important is to just rest and pause and listen to your body.

it’s so easy when you feel run down to give into those bad vibes but seriously try not to give into it. furthermore once I acknowledged how I felt I realised how I was feeling was only temporary.

things can get better and at the end of the day we all have bad and good days, seriously if you're doing the best you can that’s all you can do. you don’t have to say yes to everything to please everyone, if you don’t have time then simply say no and make time for things that do matter. don’t worry if you can’t do everything at once, people you don’t see may understand because life gets busy and it’s not on purpose.

You’re blessed with another day to try again and do better next time, remind yourself you don’t have to burn the candle on both ends.



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