Woo 10 Days Until Christmas… 10 Fun Suggestions

I am happy it’s the week when Nursery is almost closed for the term, my cub will have his Christmas Party end of the week, I’ll be getting rid of presents to give away, I have done all my posting to loved ones and friends (I think SMH).

I am happy for this Christmas Countdown, finally, the days are coming so much closer for us all, 10 days can you believe it. Maybe you still have presents to wrap, maybe you’re still working, maybe you’re still on the go, and not able to rest just yet, but still, use that exciting adrenalin to stay focused for an amazing Christmas.

10 Things to Try before Christmas Day

I am only suggesting some fun things to try in your spare time, while we are counting down to Christmas Day, hopefully, these suggestions will help you prepare and get festive.

1. Christmas Music Playlist

It’s time to create your Christmas Playlist, via youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud whatever you use get mixing and making your playlist now, still while you got time.

Get some Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas Is You (Make My Wish Come True”, or do we have “Last Christmas” by Wham!, or do we have Ariana Grande “Santa Tell Me”, or one of my favorites “8 Days of Christmas” by Destiny Child.

Either way, find your Christmas Spirit and make this happen, when you start jamming to the Christmas tunes you’ll sure be ready for it.

2. Christmas Movie List

I have already started mine, so why don’t you find time to start watching you’re Christmas “Feel good” movies getting ready for Christmas.

You could have that one favourite Christma Rom-Com….mine is a couple first there’s “The Best Man Holiday” or “Love Actualy” or even “The Holiday” and more. Pick 10 for the next 10 nights, who hasn’t loved “Home Alone 1 &2” or “Muppets Christmas Carol”.

The fun side of watching Christmas films inspired by your childhood is, you get to re-watch these again as an adult and remember why you loved this Christmas film as a child in the first place.

You could be different this year and watch a Christmas film that you've never watched before, for example, I have never watched Elf or Miracle on 34th Street, so this year I might give one of these titles a try.

Also, think of films that may not be a Christmas-themed film but were released around the season of Christmas, and could be one of your favourites, pick and watch.

Just pick and watch if you get stuck there is so many ideas you can stem from, check Pinterest for inspiration of Christmas films, or ask Youtube for top 10 or 20 Christmas films.

3. Self Care Day

Self Care is highly important so again I will remind you, especially when you have a break to do so during the Christmas Period, self-care, bubble baths, candlelight, quiet time, meditate, yoga, power naps, a long nap, sleep earlier.

Whatever you need to do, take care of yourself, and remember it’s okay to put your needs first, especially while you have some time to do so, over this festive season make sure you take care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually.

just a reminder you can try anytime.

4. Dance to one whole song

This is one of the best things I feel, speaking from experience, just dance to one song, let all the energy go, don’t care what song it is, any song of your choice and imagine the song is yours, your music video, this is your song, what song is it?

Get dancing.

5. Sing along to one of your Favourite Song

You knew this was coming next, after dancing to one whole song, when you feel the energy, and this is just about having fun, and enjoying that one song you love, karaoke in your home, in your car, in the shower, sing one of your favourite songs.

A little bit of Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Ciara, Alicia Keys, Brandy I have many mores, what’s your fellow readers?

6. Plan your Christmas Breakfast

Christmas Food is one of the main things I look forward to is the Christmas Breakfast.

Last year it was all about Ackee and Saltfish with Plantain, Bucks Fizz, and Christmas music playlist, I remember getting up at 5 in the morning just to cook this on Christmas morning, with my 1 and a half-year-old also, this was a challenge, but was a beautiful ritual to look forward to, Christmas ritual. The feeling was a celebration because I just only settled into my new Palace, and a couple of years before were different because in 2019, I had a beautiful breakfast with family relatives in Florida U.S and the year before that I was pregnant with my little man having breakfast with my Folks, each year appreciate the Christmas Breakfast.

This year my theme is American Breakfast, with a Sarah Naomi Twist, now that’s something to look forward to, whether you spending Christmas morning with your family, or just in your household, what’s your Christmas Breakfast.

7. Think about your Christmas Dinner

Same as Christmas Dinner, what is it about Christmas Dinner you’re looking forward to, is it the Yorkshire pudding, is it the lamb or turkey, do you have a start before dinner, what family do you have dinner with? So many questions and thoughts to look forward to for Christmas Dinner.

Do you contribute to the dinner or do you contribute by eating (LOL), which will be mine, but what are you looking forward to, how do you want to improve or plan a good Christmas Dinner.

8. Write a Letter to the Year 2021

This was actually a really good exercise for me to do, and I wanted to share it with you readers, don’t wait until New Year’s Eve write it now, write to the Year 2021, all your monthly thoughts, what has this year taught you? What has been highs and lows for you this year, what do you hope to take with you out of 2021 into the new year?

Have a think and have a go.

9. Write a letter to yourself

What would you say to yourself? Make sure it’s a positive and thankful letter to yourself, think about the changes you have made for a better life, think about what you have accomplished, think about what you’d like to tell yourself more often.

10. Remember to Spread Joy Peace and Happiness

Always spread as much love, Joy, peace, and happiness to each other, whether a virtual, message when giving then give sincerely and remember to try and stay as happy as you can.

Thanks for reading.




BLOG PAGE S.S THAT’S A THOUGHT , Single Mother, Actress, Writer, Blog Writer, Christian, Cancerian

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S.S That's a Thought

S.S That's a Thought

BLOG PAGE S.S THAT’S A THOUGHT , Single Mother, Actress, Writer, Blog Writer, Christian, Cancerian

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